Friday, February 29, 2008

no more dustbuster

Since starting work on Wahoo, which besides the complete reseal of the hull-to-deck joint has mostly been just removing rotten wood and grinding a whole lot of fiberglass, we've had to rely on a dustbuster to suck up all the glass dust, etc. It's one my grandfather gave me that you plug into the lighter in the car to get juice. It works pretty well, actually, but I was having to pull my truck right up next to the boat in order to use it. And hey, it is a dustbuster, and therefore not really intended to be used in the manner in which we have used it.

But no more, for last weekend we jumped up a level or two (or ten) in terms of sucking power when we got a wet-dry shop vacuum from Home Depot. Nice.



What sporty colors! It must be a racing vacuum. :D

Bring on the glass dust, baby. I'm ready!

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