Monday, December 1, 2008

safety update

This seems to help.


Since I began treating all uncured epoxy like the hazardous material that it is, I've had much better luck with my epoxy and fiberglass allergy. I don't handle the fiberglass tape at all unless I'm completely covered in protective clothing and don't even think of handling the uncured epoxy unless I'm wearing every bit of protective clothing I have, including a respirator and eye protection.

Since that pic was taken I found some nitrile gloves that are thicker (meant to be used again and again) and have a longer protective sleeve on them. I don't have to tape these gloves on, which is nice. I found that using these longer gloves, which offer more protection, work especially well if you put the cheaper disposable nitrile gloves on top of the thick ones. Then you can just peel off the disposable ones when they get nasty and the nice ones that offer most of the protection are preserved.

Safety is key, yo.


Billyblog said...

After all the problems you've had with skin reactions to epoxy, I think it's awesome that you haven't given up. I really admire your gritty determination. You rock!

force ten hurricane said...

Thanks, Keith! I kind of feel like I didn't have much choice. After all this crap, I'm sure not quitting. Having said that, I've read where a lot of people have the allergy and just tough it out for the initial project. I decided the easiest way to 'tough it out' is to cover every inch of your body and hope for the best.

FYI - the long nitrile gloves have made the most difference. Before those I was battling with that allergy every time i used epoxy, but now am doing great. :D

Cheers and thanks for all your support. I think you may be my biggest supporter! :D

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