Monday, December 29, 2008

almost ready to install the aft bulkhead

Spent the weekend recovering from the holidays and getting ready for the next big project, which is installing a new aft bulkhead. Had intended to get it in over the weekend, but somehow ran out of time. I'm not sure how it happened? I know there were beers involved... :D Seriously, by the time we were ready on Sunday, we realized we'd run out of weekend before we even came close to getting the bulkhead tabbed in. And remember, if your epoxy cures in between layers or coats, the bond will only be mechanical (not as strong), not chemical (stronger). We want a chemical bond, so I think the best bet is to get it all ready to go and start fiberglassing early next Saturday.

Part of this problem is that we are using a medium curing epoxy. It takes longer to cure so our projects all seem to get stretched out a bit more than desireable. I ordered a gallon of MAS resin today and decided to try out the fast curing hardener so I ordered a half gallon of it. Were it summer in Louisiana, this would probably not give me enough working time, but it's winter here so it should work good perfect. And one of the coolest things about MAS epoxy (besides it's price and quality) is the fact you can mix hardeners to create your own set time. Pretty cool.

But I digress...

First, as with every project so far, is a stop at Lowe's (or Home Depot if that's yer deal) to buy things I should probably already own, but don't. The main purchase this time were some clamps to hold the aft bulkhead in place while it is being tabbed in.


Next up, we installed the new bulkhead and set it up with clamps to hold it in place and then made sure it was in there even and level. And then we added the foam pieces underneath the bulkhead to avoid creating any hard spots on the hull.


All level and ready to go this weekend! So this Saturday will be spent tabbing in the new aft bulkhead and also installing the bridge step support. Yay! :D


Chris said...

You and Mom are a marvel. Really.

Trip said...

Just found your blog, looks like a great project you have going on. Your works looks excellent! I am not to far down the coast from you, Panama City, Fl.

I wonder if I could suggest adding the Follow gadget to you blog so that people could keep up with your blog easier. I know I would be a follower!

Just a suggestion, keep up the good work and keep updating!

force ten hurricane said...

Thanks, Trip.

I added the Follow gadget there for you. Right at the top there. :D

Maybe you'll be my first follower. cool.

Hope to get back on boat work this weekend. Have been unable to work because of the cold and well, life in general.

Will update soon with aft bulkhead installation. :D

Cheers and thanks again!