Thursday, October 30, 2008

this blog is too serious.

I'm a silly person and my boat is gonna be sailed by two silly people, so some sillyness must exist here, dammit!



Ocean Escape said...

That's not a joke - it's for real and it sounds like my kind of adventure. I don't need paying cos I figure I can win the lottery last year :-P Where do I apply? ;-)

force ten hurricane said...

Ha! Hey, I'll go with you so long as you promise not to get that haircut!


Ocean Escape said...

You don't like it? Damn! Too late!

Overboard said...

You are oarsome.
Thank you.
I wanna hug you.
Tee hee.
No more wv.
Tee hee.
Love it.

Anonymous said...

How do I remove the swing keel on the windrose 18?


Chris said...

This is no joke. That guy is serious and very, very dangerous.

Do not believe him when he tells you his "special" aerosol spray neutralizes medieval and/or pleistocene pathogens. It doesn't.

It's just Lysol!!

Never, ever enter his shop... without a shotgun.

If you go the pleistocene, don't eat the pork. It's not pork.

He's bad news f10h!