Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm restoring a fiberglass boat....

...and am severely allergic to fiberglass. WTF :/

Well, severe might be the wrong word as it isn't affecting my eyes, etc. But it does seem to get worse with every exposure.


Fiberglass MSDS

Epoxy MSDS

Acetone MSDS


Travis and Maggie said...

That is a bummer! I'm sure you're tried the "space suits" that covers you just about everywhere that the respirator won't?
Thanks for your comments on our fun weekend. We built the kayak from a book, and it was extremely frustrating, but paid off in the end!

force ten hurricane said...

Hey, thanks guys! The Tyvek suit is helping. I also started taping my sleeves up, then taping gloves to sleeves, then taping tyvek suit to gloves, so that I can have several tape failures and still stay somewhat protected. :D Seems to be helping as right now I'm hive free...and I spent a big chunk of time this weekend grinding out the epoxy fiasco so I was most definitely exposed to some fiberglass.